Grinding/Polishing Slurries

Labworks offers a wide range of alumina slurry, diamond slurry and colloidal silica. They have been formulated for use on many different types of lapping plates and polishing pads.

Alumina Slurry
Alumina slurries are designed for fimal polishing of most metallographic specimens. They are available with standard or deagglomerated alumina slurries. They are also available in various micron sizes.

Diamond Slurry
Diamond slurries are designed for high stock removal rates and precision finishes. They are available with either polycrystalline or monocrystalline diamond. They are available in various micron sizes.

Colloidal Silica
Colloidal Silica is an excellent polishing solution for producing scratch-free specimens and delivers perfect finishes on many materials.

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